Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SE Asia Trip

I arrived in LAX from Portland and as I was getting off the plane I heard my name being called! I always wonder if that will happen to me but on this day it did and there was my good friend from Kwaj & Antarctica Amber!!! She was here returning from New Zealand. So great to see her and catch up on all the latest Ice scoops!!

Another small world story right from the beginnning. I was typing an email and saw these 2 walking down the street in Phuket. We had met and hung out a bit in New Zealand several months ago!

This is where I spent my first month, sleeping and studying physics in the Lucky guest house #1R.

The town of Kata Beach

The Thai flag that flys on an old worn out dive boat

Calypso Divers, Kata Bach, Phuket

My new friend Yaniv, we were partnered up as dive buddies for our month long course. We got along great and I learned allot about Israel and the super duper strange world of the Israel Army. I was SHOCKED at what I learned.

I realize this is a bit out of order, my computer skills are a bit rusty. I am on a 5 month backpacking/diving trip in SE Asia. I spent the first month in Phuket, Thailand doing my PADI Instructors Course, I LOVED it and am so excited to get to teach people my favorite thing to do.

From Phuket I went on a GREAT liveaboard trip to the Similian Islands. The Similians is definitely the best diving in Thailand and I am so glad I go to see it. We stayed out 4 days/nights and did 16 really great dives. Unfortunately I dont have any underwater pictures to share, underwater photography is just something I have not gotten into yet.

From the Similians I went to Bangkok to meet up with my Austrailan friend Ariane, whom I had traveled with in New Zealand back in November/December. We hit the backpacker trail and covered quite a bit of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam.

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