Thursday, July 05, 2007

I forgot about Cambodia!!

I forgot to put Cambodia after Laos and before Vietnam. We spent 2 weeks in Cambodia and saw Siem Reap, Phnom Phenn and the beach town of Sinoukeville.

Cambodia was great and we both really enjoyed our time here. In fact Ariane liked it so much she is trying to move to Phnom Phenn. I liked it but not enough to deal with the traffic and heat on a daily basis.

I wish I had some pictures of the drive to Vietnam from Phnom Phenn, but the camera was out of comission for a few days.

I have no idea why I cant put these pictures in order. I guess it doesn't matter to you though.

Sinoukeville!! This is the beach I got the worst jellyfish sting of my life. I have been stung several times, so that says allot! You are trained to put vinegar on a sting, but here in rural Cambodia they had no vinegar so I spent 8 hours rubbing limes on my arm. 1 month later I can still see the tentacle marks on my arm!!

The cows are so skinny and eat trash because there is no grass. I have been doing the vegetarian thing on this trip and this is perfect picture as to why.

gotta do the super corny senior picture! It was fun trying to explain to an Aussie what the hell senior pictures are.

We spent a day on "Bamboo Island". It was great, nobody selling anything, no jellyfish, no kids...perfect!!

One of the markets in Phnom can buy anything. diapers, swords, velvet paintings, pirated movies...absolutely anything!!

The boardwalk along the river in Phnom Phenn...It looks nice but you do get non stop hastled to buy crap from street vendors. Also a big place for prostitutes to find there western guys.

more markets


We spent a day going to the saddest museum I have ever been to. Some of you probably know about it and I am sure many like me had never heard of it. Its called the Tal Slong Museum and its all about Polpott and his years of killing innocent people not that long ago. Its insane and I am sure I dont understand most of it. I was shocked to learn this happened in my lifetime. He basically turned a school in the middle of the city into a torture chamber for anybody he thought was educated and also their families.

Today the school is a memorial museum to those he tortured. I think it all ended in 1980. The most shocking thing to me was to learn the US knew about it. Why did they let it go on???

Our first stop in Cambodia was to Siem Reap and to see the temples of Angkor. It was incredible to see them and I just kept wondering how they built it. I would love to have dinner with who ever thought it up, its soooo creative!!

Sunrise...we actually got out of bed at 5:15 am and rushed in a crazy tuk tuk to get here in time to see the sunrise over the most famous temple "Angkor Watt". it was worth it!!

This is "honey" who was our tuk tuk driver and was one of the highlights of the country. He invited us to meet his whole family in a small village several hours from Siem Reap. Unfortunately we did not meet up with him, but it was nice to be invited.

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