Thursday, July 05, 2007

Back to Thailand

Well thanks to a rainy day in Bangkok you are now pretty well caught up on the past several months...I am back in Bangkok on my own. Our group has gone separate ways with Ariane back in Cambodia looking for work, Pip & Sally will leave Vietnam in a couple of days head to Vietnam.

My plans are to leave Bangkok in a couple of days and head south to dive. I found an instructors course that I can get my certification to teach disabled divers and am really excited about that. After that...not sure what I will do for 3 weeks.

I will head back to the states in early August to get ready for Burning Man. If you want to spend a week in the Nevada desert getting your world rocked by creativity then get a ticket and come along!! check out

oh and I need JOB with a if you have something short term, high paying and fun then you just let me know!!

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