Saturday, October 03, 2009

Swimtrek in Malta!

Just had an awesome trip to Malta with Momma where I got to do a Swimtrek.

Swimtrek is a company that organizes long distances swim and provides all the boat support and guides. We were based on the island of Gozo and then each day would swim to other islands or around the coastline. There were 7 swimmers from all over and over 5 days of swimming we swam 15 miles and crossed and 2 channels.
Mom & I on the ferry back to Malta, covering the same 5 miles I had swam just a couple days earlier!
The uniform
Local fishing boats
One of our swims we swam into "Popeye's" Village. Its the town that was built for the movie, it was fun to swim in and its this whole crazy looking town.
The "Crystal Lagoon"

We had 3 groups based on speed, I was a yellow (slowest)...but no matter to me, I was just happy to be out there swimming!

The islands around Malta have numerous caves that we were able to swim in and some of them we could swim through. Really awesome!!!
This was the end of our first swim and then we would eat lunch on the boat and jump back in to swim another section of the coast.

A nice place to spend my birthday!!!

Our base hotel in Gozo
2 of us had a birthday!
Momma in Malta