Saturday, April 11, 2009

its really been 2 months??

Lots of changes since the last update!

The biggest is that I quit my job and have moved into downtown Doha.

The last time I posted anything I was interviewing for a job with Qatar Foundation well I GOT THE JOB!! I am very excited about it and thrilled to be out of my other job. I have not started yet, the hiring process is a bit extreme. Its been nearly 2 months now and I think I am getting closer to a start date. I have felt like I was on the Amazing Race trying to get all the proper stamps, signatures, approvals etc...Definitely the hardest I have ever had to work to actually get the job. I didn't think anything could beat the hiring process for Antarctica but Qatar makes that seem like it was so easy.

So for now, I am chilling in Doha car shopping, apartment stuff shopping and gearing up for the next step.

I have even had visitors here in Doha! Jenn & Christina were here for 3 days on their way to Africa and then my Dad was just here for 2 days on his way home from Africa. So awesome to see them here and show them a bit of this very unique city.

Yesterday, I took a drive to the KSA (Saudi Arabia) border. I just wanted to see what it looked like...which was really just a heavily guarded border crossing. I didn't stay to long as I am sure that a girl driving with an expired residency would have gotten me in all kinds of trouble

This is Jenn gone Arab

Had a lunch party for Jenn/Christina with my Bangladeshi & Filipino Friends
Moni, Afsar, Ali, Bastey, Bits, Christina and JoJo

me and JoJo

I had bought a bottle of water in the grocery store and the cashier didn't have change. So she gave me the gum instead of change back. I just thought it was funny!

Hopefully now that I wont be working 84 hours a week, I will have more time to update this site. I would also like to start working on writing a book...I feel like I have a funny story in me that needs to come out.