Monday, July 09, 2007

Anything goes in Bangkok

A nice portion of local bugs will cost you about 20 baht, which is roughly 60 cents.
Bangkok is a wild place where anything goes at anytime of day or night.

I find myself liking Bangkok and am wondering why. This is my 2nd trip to Thailand and I am questioning my perspective. My first time here was in 2001 and I arrived in Bangkok after a very crazy trip with my brother to India & Nepal. I went to Bangkok to escape the martial law/riots that were going on in and had completely closed down the city of Kathmandu. As I left the city that day I saw bodies being carried to be burned. point is I don't know that there is anything in this world more shocking than Calcutta, so after being there Bangkok seemed like being in Mayberry, USA. This go around we have been through many other major Asian cities and I arrived in Bangkok from Hanoi which to me seemed like a circus (with puppet shows to go along with). So what I am wondering is if I arrived in Bangkok from Mayberry or Portland or Honolulu how would it seem. I have not met many people who do like the city, they say its dirty, loud, polluted, over populated, pushy, hot & even dangerous. I agree and think its all of those, so why do I like it? The only thing I can come up with is my perspective is totally jacked up!!

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