Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lampang & Udon Thani

In the most of Thailand, its the rainy season...we didnt bother to actually read anything about where we were going before we arrived in the country. Oh well...wearing a plastic bag all day does allow the clothese to stay clean and one less day of doing laundry.

We went to the town of Lampang, which is WAY off the tourist route. I think we were the only western people in the town. We spent the time in the rain wandering around the local market and I tried to teach Ariane how to play chess.


From Chang Mai, we took a flight to Udon Thani. Flying costs very little and saved us 16 hour on a bus. Well worth it in my book. We are again off the tourist trail but came to Udon to try and find the house my dad lived in 35 years ago. All we had to go on was an old picture with no address, it had a "yellow gate". We walked and walked and walked and tried our best to find the yellow gate, unfortunately we did not find it. We did meet a couple of very nice people who tried their best to help us, and also laugh that at us for not having an address....

This is the minister of tourism in Northern Thailand. He is holding the picture that my dad sent me with, he tried so hard to help us and even asked his mom and her friends if the picture looked familiar.

We also met these 2 local police guys, who also tried to help us. They said if we had a street name they would have been all over it. They were very proud police man but were not able to locate the gate in this massive city for us.

Our last hope...we had them translate "do you know where this gate is" in Thai. The first old lady I showed it to had no idea and then when I showed somebody who spoke both English & Thai she laughed. Because the translation actually said "do you know where the boys dorm is". good stuff!!!

Downtown Udon Thani, its a really nice town. Very different than when my dad was living there but we were really glad to have gone and spent 5 days seeing the sights. Its not touristy at all and again we were the only westerners there.

next stop is Laos

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