Wednesday, July 04, 2007

parts of Thailand

Introductions: This is Ariane whom I am traveling with. We met in a hostel in New Zealand and traveled together for a few weeks back in November/December. We kept in touch and then met back up in Bangkok a few months back.

First stop out of Bangkok was Kanchanburri. This is the Bridge over the river Kwai and is the main attraction in the small town.

Next stop from Kanchanburri was the 15 hour train ride to Chang Mai. You sleep in bunk beds with a fan...nothing fancy, but its quite a cheap and easy way to get up north.

Pictures from around the town of Pai. Pai was my favorite stop in Northern Thailand, we had a great time riding motor scooters, swimming and seeing the sights.

the bridge that connects our huts with the townhome sweet home, they costs 100 baht a night which is just over $2 local toilet

front yard of our huts

My first ever motorcycle driving experience!! We had such a great time driving around Pai for a couple of days. It costs $2 for 2 days with a helmet!

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