Monday, July 30, 2007

me + my sunglasses

For those that know me pretty well will understand the urgency when I say " My sunglasses broke". I am never far from my sunglasses and they usually spend 16 hours a day attached to my body. I don't loose them, I don't break them for some remarkable reason I am able to keep a pair for years at a time. I consider them my most important accessory. Just in case you are wondering chapstick would be my #2 accessory in order of importance.

Yesterday, we spent a fun day out snorkeling around a national park off the island of Ko Tao. As soon as the boat stopped and they announced what time we had to be back. I dove into the water, you don't need to tell me twice that its time to get in. I just assumed everybody else would be thinking the same thing but as I dove in and surfaced, I was greeted with a large round of applause. Guess...they were waiting for somebody to be the first one.

Ok, now the point of this sad tale...when I jumped off the boat I had my sunglasses around my neck (as I always do in the water) but...the lenses fell out. These are the same lenses I had in Antarctica and so they are worn out and need to be replaced but I guess they thought there time to go was into the ocean. ( I don't blame them, it really was a beautiful spot).

When we got back to the hotel and I got into the shower, I had a great laugh as one of the lenses was stuck to me!!! I laughed, Sadie laughed and then we dealt with me being a pirate!!!
In this picture you can sort of see them around my neck without any lenses

Well...I cant go more than a couple of minutes without sunnies, so off I went to the store and this is what they had. This is what I am sporting until I get back to the states where I am sure I have a back up pair waiting for me.

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