Monday, July 23, 2007

The Ko San Road Experience...

This has got to be one of the more famous backpacker hangouts in the world
pineapple on a stick, soooo good!!!

daytime on the road, once darkness hits the street becomes an all night party
pad thai and spring rolls, the cost is about 15 baht (less than 50 cents) The dreads are back!!! Its been 5 years since my public head shaving on Johnston Island and I have missed them since the moment they were cut off. (that's a whole other story).

If any of you have been to SE Asia as a backpacker then you have most likely made the journey to Ko San Road. Its a world of its own full of excited travelers of all ages from every corner of the world. Its a small street full that is full of life 24 hours a day.
When on Ko San, there are some things that everybody does:
1. You eat street food (banana pancakes, pad thai and fruit on a stick)

2. You get your hair dreadlocked or braided

3. You drink whiskey out of a bucket

4. You haggle over pennies with local vendors selling t-shirts and jewelry

5. You either make new friends to travel with or you meet up with people you have already traveled in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos & Nepal with.

It seems like you either love or hate ko san road and I am sure there are many traveler who avoid this street at all costs. I am on the other side and enjoy the madness for a couple of days at a time. No place I want to live or even spend a week but its been a fun past couple of days.

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