Friday, December 29, 2006

The Real World

I have been back in the states almost 2 weeks now. We have celebrated my moms birthday, dads retirement and Christmas. I got my 1st real cell phone, have driven a couple of times and been here long enough to know I dont want to stay more than a few weeks.
People keep asking whats next...and the answer is I am leaving for Hawaii in a couple of weeks. I plan to spent about 6 weeks there playing in the water and will then head back overseas in mid March for about 6 months. Locations are still TBD but am thinking the trip will begin in Thailand and I will figure out the rest as I go.
Thanks for following the past year, and I will try and keep the blog going as I roam around the world in the next 8 months. (my goal is to be back and still have a couple bucks for Burning Man Festival in August). Then I will REALLY need a job, so go ahead and email me if you know of something that sounds interesting.
Happy New Year!

The cake means dad is officially unemployed, much like the rest of his family.

birthday girl!!

pretty NZ

I spent 5 great weeks exploring New Zealand, I saw most of both islands and with a couple more weeks I could have covered what I had to skip. My travel advice is that if and when you go to NZ, give your self at least 1 month per island and more on the South Island if you can. I would recommend flying into Auckland and renting or buying a camper van, then hit the road and fly out of Christchurch on the South Island. Something like that....
This is my friend Nathan from Antarctica...we met up in Queenstown and this is Ariane, whom I spent 3 of my weeks traveling with. sorry I cant seem to rotate this picture around, its of a boat I spent a great night on the Miford Sound in. There were 5 of us out overnight...that is an amazing place for sure!!!
lots of dolphins in the Milford Sound

Mt. Cook
always nice to see a rainbow!

more of New Zealand

While hiking through Able Tasman National Park, we saw these 2 guys carrying a Christmas Tree down the beach.
Spent a sunny afternoon in Franz Joseff painting rocks. Most everybody else wanted to go explore the snow and glacier.....I could of cared less to see any more snow & ice.
this was great, I saw a big group of people standing in line to see "Antarctica". I was pretty curious so I got in line and once inside, there were quite a few penguins and this guy making the snow for them.
I never did see this while in the real Antarctica, but this display in Auckland is nice.