Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good times on Ko Chang

I am currently on the island of Ko Chang which is on the eastern gulf of Thailand. Not far from the Cambodia border. This is a GREAT place and I could easily stay here for awhile. I like that its partly developed and the other half of the island is still untouched jungle. Its a jungle on the inside and then nice and beachy on the outside. Its full of cool little bungalows with jungle themed bars, hammocks and lots of travelers lounging about twisting up their dreadlocks or playing on the beach.
This is my standard tofu curry that I have eaten about 400 times in the past many months. However, this one was better because the serve the rice in cute shapes. I had 2 bears & a turtle in the 3 times I ate here.
These are the crazy girls I met on the boat ride over, Louy from Canada and then wild women Ros and Pats from the Caribbean/England.

I am a happy girl out on the water! We spent a day diving in Ko Rang which is a national park on the island.

But...I saw at least 20 big fishing boats, so not sure what the national park is doing except for making a profit from the illegal fishing they allow on a daily basis. Its to bad, they are absolutely ruining the underwater life with their giant nets. They are catching whales, dolphins, turtles, sting rays on a daily basis. When farang (non Thai people) try and do something like cut the nets or open the traps then often it results in somebody getting shot and killed over it.

I have definitely been in millions of swimming pools in my lifetime but I don't ever remember being in one like this. It is the kind that actually goes out over the beach. it was the selling point to staying at the hotel and just to make sure we stayed there, the hotel girl told us that the other day there were dead people on the beach (due to swimming in a strong riptide).

next stop: back to big old Bangkok for a couple of days to meet up with a friend and then back to the beach, most likely on Ko Samui.

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