Monday, July 09, 2007

I am a night writer (sounds like knight rider)

I heart watermelon shakes!! These have been a staple of our daily eating patterns here in SE Asia, they cost about .50 and are wonderful!!!
I need a switch on my head...I swear I get all my best thoughts and ideas while I am either in the water or trying to go to sleep. Neither of which is convenient to getting them written down. I am pretty sure that last night I wrote the next Oprah book club pick and I even dreamed she was interviewing me about the book.

Anyways, I started this blog when I went to Antarctica and am now updating it as I travel. Because it was all about the ice I thought I would share a couple of friendly blog links. I had a few friends from Johnston Island and Kwajalein on the ice and one of them is Amber, she came down at Winfly (last August) and so we got to spend a few months together down there. Check out her site at

Like you do in these random remote places, I met some great people that I am hoping will be friends for life. One of my roommates (she was upper bunk) was Cindy O, she has done and is doing some interesting things and thought you might like a smart read about her travels (hope you don't mind Cindy!!) She even has cool colors and all that on her site, I just cant seem to figure out the bells and whistles of blogging.

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