Wednesday, July 16, 2008


22456 is the miles i flew on my vacation. apparently Doha is not close to anything.

The trip took me to the Bahamas for a stay at the super duper fancy Atlantis resort. Then to Oregon for some family time and a quick trip the country fair. Dad getting his cherry picking on!
me and tree man at the country fair
one of the best parts of the country fair are all the random parades that come through. If you dont know about the fair check out

Voodoo donuts in Portland is I think somewhat can get donuts that have bacon on them or coated in tang. You can also buy underpants and get married there!

good times with the family
great tree people at the fair
what i look like in multiples!

this was this was the view from our hotel room in the Bahamas

Mom & Dad on the BBQ!!

So...I am now back in Qatar...stay tuned for more from the sandbox