Friday, March 07, 2008

Life in Qatar

Just a brief re-cap of the past 6 weeks...

I am living in Doha, Qatar which is a very small country on the Persian Gulf. The country is very rich because of all the oil & natural gas that sit just off shore. There is an american presence here because it sounds that the Qataris are worried that big strong Iran (just across the sea) is going to try and take the oil from them. I dont know how I did this, but I seem to have gotten myself a job in the middle of a battle for oil. Funny that my role it in all is to make sure people are happy and having a good time while they fight it out.

A few things I have learned in the past 42 days...

It costs $11USD to fill up a ford explorer here, I think its about $50 in the states
They started driving cars over here in the 1970's and started a drivers liscence program in 1986
Camels are the national animal
Muslims can have 4 wives
I have had 2 proposals (1 with a ring)
Most Qataris dont work because they get a $60,000 stipend for just being here
They import all the workers from the Phillipines, Egypt, Nepal and Bangladesh

Many sites here are under old fashioned censorship, so I was able to find a sneaky way to get at this one..but it doesnt seem to let me change the colors or add any pictures.

Thats about it for now, the strange continues!

hearts, kb

Life in Qatar