Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More McMurdo

town view from midway up Ob Hill. It really looks like an ugly little mining town
Castle Rock, I think this is the top of a volcanoe that blew off and landed her. Its a popular hiking/back country ski area.
The sun is getting lower!
The winter Recreation staff
plane with skis

Saturday, February 18, 2006

nearby hiking

I swear it was steeper than this picture makes it look
me on a trail
The big city, McMurdo Town, winter population of 200
Roll Cage Mary with Ob Hill behind her

more around town pics

Coast Guard Ice Breaker, Polar Star was in town for fuel and to chop up some ice
Vince's Cross on Discovery Hut Hill I live in the middle brown building
me on a local hiking trail
view of town with Scotts hut in the front

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Kiwi Base

This is the Kiwi Camp, Scott Base with Mt. Erebus behind it Cracks in the Ice
Scott Base aierial shot
These are pressure ridges in the ice

Monday, February 13, 2006

McMurdo Sign

This is the official McMurdo town sign and Alison's last day on the continent.

Trip to Scotts Hut

This is a frozen seal carcass from way back when Scotts explorer team was living here.

Alison and I holding hands with Dive Pard, those of you from Kwaj will know who he is. He was one of our regular dive partners. He is very well traveled!

Alison & I took a hike over to the explorer Scotts Hut. We were not able to go inside but I definitly will get back there and get some pictures from the very historic inside. You can see the hut behind me.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ships on the Ice!

This is a Russian Ice Breaker just about to arrive on our ice pier
The ice breaker leaving the turning basin and coming in
Fuel barge being escorted by the ice breaker, the ice was to thick for the barge on its own

Around town my 1st week

Me and Alison at the New Zealand camp down the road, Scott Base
This is housing row, everybody lives in dorm style buildings with shared bathrooms and roomates
This crazy thing is a Piston Bully and is what I will be driving this winter when we go on field trips
Open water! The dirt you see to the right of this picture is actually an ice pier. This is where the cargo ship & fuel barge come in once a year to re-supply McMurdo.

Observation Hill, this is right in the middle of town

Airport Taxi

This is the Airport Taxi "Ivan the Terra Bus"

Arriving in Antarctica

From the plane to arriving on the ice runway, it was all very exciting!

Departing Christchurch, New Zealand

This is what 145 lbs of luggage looks like!

Leaving Portland

Off to Antarctica
bye-bye Mom & Dad!!!!