Saturday, January 26, 2008

snowy glass bananas

Well...I am going back to work, its been a good 14 months of playing around but time to come out of retirement and fill the bank account back up.

I have accepted a job in the country of Qatar (next to Dubai) and am currently in Houston learning crazy things. I have learned what to do if I get taken hostage, how to survive a camel spider bite, how to survive in 140 degree heat and my new favorite is how to put on a chemical attack survival suit. The common word of the week seems to be "survive".

This is a picture of "after" our training in the suits. We were taught by some military guys to put on and seal gas masks in a very timely manner and then put on this crazy banana yellow suit and accessorise the seals with duct tape. Apparently duct tape is the answer for everything!! After we were fully suited up we were "gassed" and then put through some jumping jacks, stretches and jogging. I am happy to say that I successfully sealed myself up in the banana suit and didn't feel any of the "gas". I must somehow be attracted to the opposite of everything. When I first moved to the central pacific I was living in Crested Butte, Colorado. (no ocean, very big mountains). Then 7 years later when I left the tropical island life I moved to Antarctica (freezing cold, very big mountains). Now..I seem to be heading to a giant desert where the summer temperature range is 100-140 degrees. Not sure what the opposite of Qatar will be but I am sure I will find it.

Today's sky reminded me of how the snow/ice would look in Antarctica when the big snow cats were out driving around on the runways.
Just thought this was pretty...its from the hotel lobby and all hand blown glass

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