Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lipstick Convention

I am in Houston, Texas with 4,000 Mary Kay Ladies, no joke!! They are the top sellers in the US and they are vicious in their pink & purple suits.

They are full of questions these ladies, the typical conversation seems to go like this:

"Are you with Mary Kay"
me: no
"You should be a Mary Kay Lady"
me: no thanks, I like to do other things
"Its a great way to make a living"
me: I am not that interested in lipstick
"Even when the economy is bad, you can still make great money"
me: Do you have a pink Cadillac?
"yes, and you get a new one every 2 years
me: Great, have a nice day
"Here is my card if you change your mind, I would love to help you set up a successful business

I am staying in a 1200 room hotel and there are 4000 Mary Kay Ladies crammed into most of those rooms. Today was a mass checkout and really amazing to watch the purple suit chaos.

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