Thursday, January 03, 2008

Its a New Year!!

I love that people read this and then write to me and ask why I have not updated the site.

I didnt plan to update as I thought I would be "staying put" for 6 months but...easier said than done. I have done something that I have not done in quite awhile and that is taken several short trips in the United States. In the past few months I have spent some time in Indiana, Florida, San Francisco and scuba diving up here in the Pacific Northwest.

sunset in Key West, Florida This is Vanessa and this is a great story! I was with my family in Key West, Florida and getting on the trolley to take the town tour and she was the tour guide. We worked together in Antarctica but had not kept in touch so it was a real surprise for both of us! If you are ever in Key West, she gives an OUTSTANDING town tour! (this just after I had ran into 2 other fellow Antarctica winterovers here in a Portland bar)

Mom and Dad as tourists

I always love a trip to the ocean
A few days after returning from warm Florida, I found myself with some friends up in the mountains at a hot springs. Snow Angel ready positionI made up a Christmas Eve triathlon for the family, this is momma in event #2 which she excelled in with her softball pitching skills.
Portland had a white Christmas for the first time in 17 years!!! We rushed out to take the picture before it had accumulated but it really did snow all day!Dad loving the snow and also loving his new blue furry pants and pink necklace
New Years! A few of us girls decided to take a last minute trip to San Francisco. The word for the weekend was LEGENDARY and we really had a wonderful time!

This is a self portrait from the end of the night....good times and I definitely rang in the New Year!

That's it for now but stay tuned because it looks like I will be setting off on another overseas adventure pretty soon....
happy new year and thanks for following my adventures

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ALM said...

KB, love the updates. When are you heading overseas again? Keep me posted. Cheers, A