Saturday, November 01, 2008

why not go by camel?

In the land where camels are still used daily I have rented myself a car.

I don't know how much a monthly car rental in the states is but I think it would be expensive. Here you can rent one for $500 a month and that includes all the insurance and unlimited mileage. Its much quicker, smells better and has better air conditioning than these smelly old camels! If I do end up staying here beyond January I think I will end up buying a car. It would be my first car in 10 years!!

These pictures were actually taken in Bagram Afghanistan and not Qatar...we don't have mountains but we do have lots of camels!


ALM said...

you girlie. i'm here in hawaii studying away. should get up to kaneohe this weekend to see migs, kell and the THREE boys. can't wait to see the little 'uns.

BLP said...

Do they have a camel rental service? Thrifty rent-a-camel or something? And are you required to get insurance for a camel?