Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good Job Obama

Obamas big win was celebrated with my friends Ali, Afsar and JoJo. They are from Bangladesh & the Philippines and they were very very happy that Obama won.

In the words of Afsar "Obama good for world"

When I asked the guys how we should celebrate Afsar & Ali decided that we should have Dairy Queen dinner with sugar free energy drinks (because Afsar is diabetic) and talk about Obama.

So that's what we did....while we were eating I asked them what they new about Obama and while none of us new much, it was a funny conversation that was done mostly in broken english with some Tagalog, Arabic and Bangla mixed in.

This is Afsar having dairy queen dinner with Obama Afsar, Jo Jo in red and Ali

This has nothing to do with Obama or Dairy Queen...this is what I look like when I am to tired to swim but really really want least I am at the pool.

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emily said...

i really love this photo of you - you almost have a winterover stare, but with a total sunburn!