Saturday, June 14, 2008

Same Same but Different

Life in Qatar is not that different than life in Antarctica.

Its actually the same just different. I dont think things are meant to live here...just like the ice. Weather wise in Antarctica our most extreme weather condition was called condition 1. Today here in the sandbox we are having a condition 5. Which means that when you step outside you are greeted by an unforgiving heat and full blown sandblast. Its like somebody is pouring sand into a hot fan and putting it on full blast in front of you.

Here are some pictures that my friend Joey took this week. You can have a better idea of where I am day to day...

This week I got to see my old friend Joey from Johnston Island. She is living and working in Afghanistan and was passing through town on her way back from vacation. It was great to see her and get caught up, it had been 5 years!!
My cubicle

My beautiful neighborhood
This is the plaza, where we do most of our special events and its a hang out zone. Only problem is who wants to hang out in a 140 degree sand storm? Whey they didn't design an indoor place...who knows.
Thank goodness for a smart idea around here. The indoor pool!! This is one of the two pools and places that I do spend any free time I have.
The main recreation center and where I work...

12 days till vacation...


BLP said...

Thanks for the updates. Where are you going on vacation? I just got word from Miguel that Kelly's water broke this morning and the twins are on the way. Miguel is scrambling around to get ready to catch the next flight off island today. Take care!

EarthWind&IndirectFire said...

KB, my name is Justin and I am an old friend of Hande. She sent me your link and said that you had spent some time in Kwaj, Johnston Island, Antarctica and Doha. What company do you work for? How do I get on board? Is it a good job?

I just came home from Iraq last week where I was the MWR Regional Manager. I am very interested in finding another similar job. My email address is . Any guidance that you can provide will be much appreciated. Thanks, and try to stay cool!