Sunday, June 08, 2008

I am officially a resident of...

Qatar. I am now an official resident of Qatar and so after 5 months of super strange residency requirements its official. The biggest perks to me are that I can drive and have Internet access. If you are born here in Qatar you get somewhere between $60,000-$80,000 USD per year every year as a stipend.

Life here is different and the middle east is very different than anywhere else I have ever been. The food, culture, scenery, laws...its all drastically different than everything I have been around. I am enjoying learning about it all. Its super duper super HOT here now, its been around 120 degrees by 9:00 am most days and it stays there till about 6:00 pm. I have no idea how people work outside all day.

Doha is a city under construction. It would be hard to find a building without a crane in it, on it or next to it. Doha had been in the running for the 2016 Olympic games but a couple of days ago it was announced that they were cut from the final 4.
Part of the old town...I really like the old town and when you arrive there its like stepping back in time. Which for Qatar was not that long ago (probably 20 years at most)

There are just as many wheelbarrows as there are cranes. You often see the workers sleeping in the wheelbarrows.

Out of old town and into modern times...a tricked out golf cart

Doha has its share of luxury hotels. This one is called Sharq Village and really is mind blowing! I think the cheapest rooms are $800 a night..but look how nice the pool is!

Qataris have money and the majority do not work. They spend their days shopping, eating, having kids and driving around huge cars & boats.
more cranes on top of all these buildings. Its like we are seeing the city be built for the first time ever.

Camels were replaced in 1986 for driving cars. I don't understand how they live outside here in the extreme heat, wind and sand without water!!!
fun for the tourists

me and a local
sand, sand and more sand

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