Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Life Without Big Red

I have been off the ice about 10 days now. Stepping off that plane was wild! It was dark, much warmer and you could smell flowers/rain.
It definitly took me a few days (ok maybe a week) to really believe I was off the ice. It seemed like everywhere I went the road was going to turn back into ice and everything would be white again.
Thankfully that has not happened, things are green, pretty and New Zealand is wonderful and also really set up for travelers!

I spent 5 days in Christchurch and then headed North. I am currently in Mt. Maganui on the North Island which is a neat little beach town.

Here are a few pictures of along the way.

Whale watching in Kaikoura, we saw 4 Sperm Whales, a pod of "dusky dolphins" and a wandering Albatross Huka Falls
self portrait while sitting on the ferry crossing from the south to the north island
the pretty!!!
boiling mud near Rotorua

the harbor at Picton, south island

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Deb H said...

WOW! It must've been like going from black & white into LIVING COLOR! Something like living in Tha Wizard of Oz! Surreal?

Beautiful country there. I've always wanted to visit New Zealand.