Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dive Tending

I love to dive and be in the water, I dont think thats a when I had the opportunity to go out and help the divers yesterday I was really excited.

These pictures are out of order but you get the idea

This is what they were diving for, sea urchins & star fish
Rob & Steve. Rob learned to dive on Johnston Island in the 70's, same as me just 20 + years earlier.
The "Dive Tenders". Our job was to help with whatever needed to be done. We were hoping for a seal as we sat waited around the hole but didnt see one.
They collected about 50 of these guys to be taken to New Zealand for research
The dive hut and our ride
so much gear!
They dont use normal "BCD" to dive here. They are able to adjust buoyancy with their dry suits and have to wear about 50 lbs of weight instead of like a normal 12 lbs.
Doing the final breaking up of the ice chunks. they jump in here and have to go down about 17 feet in a hole this size before they get below the ice surface. Once you are down there they said its about 600 feet of visibility!!!
looks like fun!!!

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