Monday, October 09, 2006

We love the I Drive

We have this great thing down here called the I Drive. Its an electronic bulletin board that everybody here in town can access and post pictures to share.

Here are a few pics I took off there recently

This picture will be familiar to some of you and is the official Antarctic Center in Christchurch. Here you can go and do all things Antarctic: Wear the ECW gear, ride in the crazy snow cat thing, check out penguins and stand in a -40 degree room.

So for those that are really curious about life down here, all you need to do is get to Christchurch, New Zealand and for about $15 you can get a dose of our reality. Our local church "Chapel of the Snows"
How you warm up a frozen pisten bully
With the start of summer that means the helicopters are flying again

Diving for Science! In my opinion, this would be the ULTIMATE Antarctic experience. To be diving in the crystal clear water under the ice. Unless I wake up as an important scientific diver I will not get the opportunity but I am going to volunteer to go out and help with gear, digging holes or whatever else is needed. A curious seal popping through the divers hole

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He looks like he's smiling!