Wednesday, October 25, 2006

about 15 days left...

My time on the ice is getting shorter and am scheduled to leave around November 10th. Many people have asked me what I have loved and not loved about my time here.

favorite things:
1. trip to cape evans to see Shackelton & Scotts hut and getting to see 9 Emperor penguins
2. polar plunge!
3. getting to see the southern lights (auoras)
4. all the creativity & crazy ideas that flow around this tiny camp
5. getting to do the job I really wanted in Antarctica!!!

things i am very tired of:
1. the darkness (although its sunny now)
2. the wind
3. the people that complain non stop
4. wearing 14 layers and 20 extra pounds of clothes
5. being inside so much

things i am really excited to do soon:
swim & dive, play outside, drink milk & eat fresh food, see friends & family, wear shorts & flip flops

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