Friday, January 08, 2010

Coconuts, Camels and Cheetahs!

I dont know how it gets to be 2 months later is a brief update!!!

Still in crazy old Doha which I think I have said before is half in 1810 and half in 2010. My good friend Julie came to visit for a couple of weeks and below are some of the things we got into to.
Local man at the old souqs, old men sitting in wheel barrows is a very common sight there!
gold, gold and more gold and then some gold!
We found a Christmas tree!
Got to spend a night in Dubai catching up with Rudy
Me & Julie out in the sand

a cheetah...seriously!!! Just driving by in the locals land cruiser. The guy then decided to actually follow us to my apartment. Then the security guard gets distracted by the cheetah so the crazy man gets to come into the building. Quality!!!
McDonalds....same same in every language!!
Where I work
JoJo & Bits at the Saudia Arabia border
So the Burj Arab is "the worlds first 7 star hotel"....or something like that. We figured out a way to get inside and this is the pool we found.

We are mall skiers!!!
Just curious if Ikea is the same in Dubai as it is everywhere is.

Salalah, Oman

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