Saturday, January 24, 2009

Burning Man....Bangladeshi Style

I have gotten to know 2 bangladeshis who work at the pool. Its a country I knew nothing about except that its to close to India and seems to have lots of floods. I have a had a great time getting to know these 2 guys, Ali & Afsar. They constantly crack me up with what they say.
Because of the big change in US politics this week, they have been very excited about Mr. Obama. The day after he took over, Afsar kept saying "today, Mr. Obama work and Mr. Bush sleep". Ali thoughts on it were "good job mr. obama, happy day for world".

Anyways, this bit of information is out of the Burning Man newsletter but in honor of my 2 crazy broken English Bangladeshis I would put it out here.

About Bangladesh--The Bangladesh Festival begins on January 29th and lasts one month. The theme is freedom and features a conference on Nelson Mandela and Noam Chomsky. This is an important event, as Bangladesh has suffered enormous repression in recent years and the EXPO is really oriented towards social commitments, peace, and political harmony in the world. Bangladesh is about 95 percent Moslem and used to be known as East Pakistan. Freedom of expression will be an important part of the expo and Burning Man certainly represents a unique opportunity to demonstrate that. Bangladesh is kind of out of the way. There's very little tourism and travel there is not so easy, but I invite people to come and see it.

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