Thursday, August 02, 2007


Its been a fun 5 month trip!!

People always ask "what was your favorite" so that got me thinking....and thought I would put down a few of the trip stats.

In the past 5 months we
  • visited 4 countries, 25 different cities/islands and slept in 35 different hotels

  • had fried rice for breakfast numerous times

  • learned how to ride a motor scooter

  • learned how to say hello & thank you in 4 languages

  • learned how to bargain over pennies in 4 languages

  • learned that "air conditioned bus" means bus with windows that don't open an 45 extra people inside & on the roof

  • got severe food poisoning 1 time

  • learned that everything in Asia is "same same but different"

  • learned that girls that look like girls are often boys

  • did about 60 dives in Thailand and a few in Vietnam

  • averaged about $30 USD per day (that is without any of scuba diving or additional plane tickets)

  • time spent: 3 months

  • favorite towns: Pai (northern) and the islands in the south...they were wonderful!!!

  • least favorite: Pattaya

  • best diving: Similian Islands

  • worst diving: Pattaya & Ko Chang due to visibility

  • time spent: 2 weeks

  • favorite: Luang Prabang & swimming in the waterfalls

  • least favorite: Phonsovan/Vietienne

  • This was the cheapest country we visited
  • time spent: 2 weeks

  • favorite: Phnom Phenn
  • time spent: 1 month

  • favorite: Hoi Ann & Halong Bay

  • least favorite: the rest of the country

  • this was the most expensive of the 4 countries

Thats about it! It was a fun adventure and I am glad I had the chance to go. I am off to Oregon today via Hong Kong and dont really have a plan. Burning Man is the end of the month and then my calendar is pretty wide open!

Wheres next? Well....I am thinking the next big multi month trip will be more of Central America. Would love to go diving in Belize, see more of Mexico & Nicaragua

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