Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Polar Plunge

Well....this was one of those crazy, make no sense kinds of things you do when you find yourself spending the winter in Antarctica.

The water temp is rumored to be 28F, the air temp was around the -35F marker and about 30 of us took turns plunging into the Ross Sea on Sunday.

Very memorable and yes, I would do it again We were harnessed in, just in case we hit our heads, our hearts freaked out or whatever else might cause us to be unconcious and have to get pulled out.
What the set up looks like, this was held at the Kiwi Camp, Scott Base. There are 14 of them there this winter and we often go over for social stuff. They did all the work and got the hole cut, all we had to do was go over and jump in.
Amublance was on standby and thankfully nobody needed it. I got some frostburn on my fingertips, but in a few days they should be back to normal.
I do love to swim and miss the water terribly, so this was a really big thing for me to get in the water. The visibilty is unbeatable, it really makes me want to go diving under the ice....